Great things are happening at Summer Ridge Apartments, the atmosphere in our community is awesome, and the support is overwhelming.  We put pride in improving our community, starting with improving our buildings and replacing windows, restoring our decks, painting doors, lawn care, making our curb appeal something to talk about.  We have also replaced some of our warn out drive ways with fresh cement replacement, with a new parking lot next to the office.  and What we are really excited about is our Playground, a place where our children can be safe and have fun.  With the tree slide and merry go around, teacup, Funnel ball, and weather permitting a splash pad.  The picnic area around the playground brings the family together for a day at the park, right on property.   Come join us today.

2014 Fall Harvest Event was a success, With lunch being served, Hot Dogs, Chips and a drink.

For desert we had several tries for cookies, cupcakes, and treats with the cake walk

Pumpkin  & Face painting for the kids.

Treat bags for the kids.

All around a fun afternoon!

Hay Rack Ride